Friday, 27 July 2018

The new Logo on my Shirt, I am still the same 
Well after 5 years my position has changed. NOT my good friends at Sydney/central coast Presbytery and NOT New England North West Presbytery who have taken great care of me over the last 5 years . So What ?We have taken on a new Partner - "Frontier Services"  and I have changed to  a "Bush Chaplain " rather than a "Rural Chaplain"  and my patch is called the "Barwon Remote Area" - as  seen below in the green area . This is mostly the same places I have been ministering to. 
It is good having the help and support on so many levels,  it has made the change so smooth. The Team in the office at Tamworth City Church have taken so much time to make this program  work - backing me up in many ways.  Nicolette handles the "thank you" letters so people can read them.  Gai  goes so far at helping make the money flow to those in need,  plus is such a good support and Bryan, he makes it A- OK. We now have a team in Pitt street who have made me feel so very welcome -putting on a great meet and greet morning tea with cake and a card.
There was little time to sit and yarn as we are still in the middle of a long drought -now  in all the areas I work, but you guys out there have sent funds and other things to give to those in need to get what they would like plus gives me time to yarn with them .  As I said before, I find support in the Rural Resilience Workers and Rural Financial Counselling. They work on different level than I do plus there are many other agents and small groups, Government and Non Government. Some work well, others think they own the playground . We have a good name with so many out there. We also work well with our own Disaster recovery Chaplains. The property below is a victim of the Sir Ivan Bush Fire 20 months ago, plus is also now part of the drought, so this needs help on many levels and we there listening to all involved, not just one voice.   

We are still working with schools and the MDB Tours

So God has brought us together - we are looking at many  ways of doing what has just happened in the past, the good thing is I see new ways of supporting the people in the Bush, building the Community of God in many ways . I ask for your prayers as this change becomes a reality. I also ask for your prayers for rain and support as I have sat here today writing this the ABC has covered the drought  Lots of people with lots of views but it is rain that will end it and bring new life.  I believe it is our care for the whole rural landscape,  every level of Farmers, workers in service industries, Shop owners and their staff, all need lots of people & Gods love and care 
 Next week will see me on the upper Darling Tour - pray for safe travels and to see the last part of the Murray Darling System.


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