Friday, 27 November 2015

Ridge To Bridge

I left on Wednesday to meet a "voice on the end of the phone" at Lightning Ridge an honest-sounding voice that spoke of pain in the heart for the loss of a space for her but mostly, for her children. I called her after speaking to one of the workers I connect with, in that region.  We arranged to meet, so that I could give her some funds to help her as, after 2 years of drought, they needed somewhere not awesome but a nice space in which to live life. and a nibble for "no ears" (a Roo with no ears that visits become a friend)
The Ridge looks good - green growth by the road and groundcover growing in among the trees.  Water lay around.  My question to someone was "How are you doing?"  The response I got was "I tell my son to pray for rain every day." A deep breath, then he asked "Why? The clouds come so close but no rain falls." I said "That must be hard."  I told him that we need to keep on asking "How long Lord?"  Don't forget them as they ask of You in Your name for how long is too long?

I went to Dubbo, helping out some small schools and setting up a way forward for some end of year activities.  I had a meeting and quick chat with various people about life currently on the farm.  Rain damaged the current crop, and some had to leave it in the ground full of weeds while others got some off, though they're not sure what it's worth.
Down the road I phoned a friend - it's always good to keep alert and take your mind off the fact that you only had one coffee (should have stopped at the Golden Arches!).   I rang a friend they where an hour up the road and waited on ya B.H and Margret. No coffee nice bacon roll B.H had one too must be ok . yarning time to go sleep, so I spent the night in Narrandera and after coffee the next morning, drove down south  to Ned Kelly country.  I had morning tea by the lake which was very nice.  On I went to Finley but no-one was home so took at trip to Mulwala to see the bridge.  Last time I was here I was driving a MDB in 2014.  I crossed the bridge and the weir, then back over the bridge again but heading out saw a yellow sign so, not wanting to waste the chance, I stopped in "that other State" then came back into NSW(!)  I was then stopped  by traffic, the likes I have never seen in NSW!  A passport check to leave the State? No, it turned out to be a major police RBT and drug testing operation due to some Event that was being held there.  20 mins sitting in the queue (hoping my last coffee was safe!) when a friendly police person of the male kind asked me to blow one long breath (long winded sermons crossed my mind but this was not the time for jokes so I stopped myself from making a comment!). "Well, I think you're going to answer no if I ask about drugs on board" the policeman grinned.  I said "I only have a couple of prescription ones" so he said "Have a good one" and waved me on.  So I drove back into NSW and up the road, to be at Finley for the meeting tomorrow .
Lake Mulwala

Bridge in NSW alongside Victorian border 

Finley Lake 
Finley Museum

Well I'm still on the road with places to go.  I've been home to see family in Campbelltown, Dubbo, Bourke and Coonamble and still have Cobar and somewhere else to go to yet.  Life is moving forward even though there's not always good news around the world.  If we pray for things to change, for rain to fall, peace to come; if we love even when it is hard and seek a way to live our faith (not shape our faith to fit our way) then someone will see and try it too.  And so on 'till Thy Kingdom come. Shalom.


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