Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Thank you for your Prayers

Looking from Little Bay across the Bay at Sunset .
What this it me healing spot  as the sun set and the wave slowly rolled over the sand, the smell of salty air filled my lungs the view was not this clear but my camera caught it and its beauty .  I just pointed and pressed the button  looking to the light . The last month I have been seeking treatment to my left eye the operation  took place in Newcastle  2 weeks ago I haven't driven a car since then I healing but still a bit swollen.   I have struggled with my grounding  Guilt and Borden  lots of support saying give it time, be patient, behave  easy for them . when you don't look sick or broken .  But I know there right so I am putting down this blog with my $24 reading glasses font pump up.  It is going good the Doctor prayed with me the church and many more prayed so I am going forward.
 I walking am lot  as I can't drive I walk to the shops get a few things and the mail and then walk home always a conversation along the way. I have to ask people for help as Doctors in Tamworth long walk no buses  you get to know people more on a road trip , I start to see more ask what the story with that ?.

Boats at rest
I still talking to those out west praying for them as they set themselves up for dry times again feeding and selling off a few more of their assets: Stock land etc. storing up for the times ahead for many rain to late till spring  when it warms up. The hard part is the spike  the flush time then wham! back out hand feeding , " I never thought I be doing this again so soon"   this is a hard blow for many, I ask for your prayers for them in the areas of NSW with little or no rain or coming through the bush Fires floods .  You see the pain does not always show green pick  tall dead grass  the boats at rest move with the tide and dance on the waves but the currants pull and strain below the surface if the their ropes get weakened deep below you don't see it  till it lets go. Pray for the wife's who stand beside their families working out the next weeks food which bill to pay and which can wait , For the husbands to remember to talk to their mates and their family  pray for the children too young to understand and the ones who wish they could do more.   Thank you for your prayers  they do so much

The new moon climbs through the night sky
As the new Moon  climbs up into the night sky reminds us, God's light shines on our journey even in the darkest times brighter than the streetlights .
shalom  Rev Phill


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