Thursday, 26 October 2017

time is moving forward but the view is the same

As I drove past the tree I stop the heat of the Sun dry ground again we wait for rain  

The dry time has moved back in the toil of feeding and finding feed paying for feed  hangs over us again . Just a dry spell No drought the government says!
 Lord we ask  for strong minds and hi spirits in their hearts and rain in the cage/   
The old tree still try's  ( I aged it with the colour)
Back on the road again Love the Big  Sky 
promise in the sky 
Standing in the rain 
And the Storm begins the dance   

The Salt Bush fight's on the grass has gone

Hi all I hope you been following the Face  book page I am very close to the end I hope of this journey of changing eyes . Those who don't follow face book I had 2 eye operations ,steming for an eye injurey that fixed they had to take  my catarcks  thatwere forming old age. So no reading glasses this adds to not reading well spelling and gramer less life I have lead made doing this very hard but my eyes doing ok with help of view turned up.  I still am able to drive and getting around the state.  13th.November is my day I am looking forward to it thanks again for prays I am so blessed with the resullts so farandgood Doctors in Tamworth and Newcastle .
if you havent or dont like Face book let me know and I try to copy them over to the Blog 
FB is call Rural Chaplains Face Book page  stay safe prayfor the farmers Govermnet support is low and the dry spell is not been seen as a drought and many are strugeling  
Shalom Rev Phill


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