Monday, 12 December 2016

What has happened

The last few months have been a busy time so busy something had to slip and it was the Blog ,I choose to post on our Face book page Photos and a quick message it  was easier and and kept many informed. I hope live is coming back to a speed I can handle  as I have missed my time in Blog world.
What did happen well Lots some good and some very sad (all I ask is you pray for healing ) . Many think I have the best job in the world driving round this awesome state  western area and that is so true, but! life has some ups and downs, God allows me to be part of both the ups and the downs that is what a relationships is all about. Good news 

Rain rain and more rain 
Rivers flowed (The Castlereagh River)

and even rained on the harvest trucks

But the harvest has  been good to excellent in many areas across "the State best for many years"is the term being used. "But always a But" the price is low, but they are getting their first crop for many years .   I took a weekend off to head to the coast to visit my old Church BUT ! again as you can see it did not happen.  

The smell and lack of speed then smoke  told me O it is not well, so I found safe place to stop and did a quick  check water oil van belts  then rang NRMA and found myself in the cab of a big tilt tray  heading home thanks Walcah NRMA dept  great service and the young man who drew the short straw drove me home and we had a great yarn . (well I did)
I got car back a week  later new clutch .


The strip I use to show how dry it is at Cryon NSW has crop and the Slat Bush has

come back to Life as shown above it is looking great.  I have spent a lot of time  with those grieving also with families in trouble as this good crop has come to late for them.  It is hard to be down when others are doing well the rain has changed a lot of things and for some the sense we are all in this together has gone.  Don't get me wrong there is a sense of community  still but also for some feelings  of  isolation  in their plight. Christmas is coming for some this will be a time of celebration if they have had payment  for Crop otherwise  it like the last 3 years.  Rain is not money crop is not money till it is paid for and bills paid.  But it is hope grain for next crop  ground moisture to grow the next crop and the grass. Blessings have come for many other still need another year or so till life can become normal as I write this a call for  support for a number of farming families . I also worked in a Q fever vaccination  program for farmers in Walgett area we got workers from local meat works too.  It was a good place to engage with  farmers and their families as we waited for  the next stage BP test, Talk to Doctor blood test then back in 7 days to get results and then if clear have your vaccination  that part hurt  yes I joined the whole process as I was told I hang round with them and their animals (I did not sign up for that) . Lastly I took time to do some team building at House of Shalom Carcoar  leading us across bridges

Below is the how the Girilambone Shy looked as I pulled in to  town ready for school presentation night, last year the sky looked a little like this but nothing happen.

This year well we can't say the same the sky  exploded to see more go to  our Face Book page to say I just washed my car and fitted new windscreen, but the full power of nature was shown unleashed .

due to commitments of my editors I did added some my own edit.  Well I found the words I left out and the comers plus added some of the clean keys  marks  enjoy Blessings 


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