Thursday, 6 April 2017

Super Camp Country and City come together

The back bone of the week  Nyngan and Gordon  Uniting Churches  Volunteers
This Super Camp is for the small schools in Bourke  district. We had Wanaaring, Engonia, Girilambone, Quambone, Marra Creek Hermidale  & Carinda Public schools and distant Education - 110 children. We also had students from Knox Grammer,  PLC and Ravenswood, plus staff who all played well together for the whole week.  I not going to do names as too many.  UME allowed the Next Gen worker to attend for 3 days.

Come and get it great food and fruit   
 The food was shared with Gordon doing breakfast and dinner shifts and Nyngan doing morning tea and lunch, afternoon tea was fruit - help yourself.
The food was from local shops or home- made. Drinks were water  which was in high demand as Monday to Wednesday were in high 30's, the cool change was welcome but bit of a shock.

What did they do?  

this group made a record of the Camp

They made a maze in the yards
Sporting events 
Singing and music lessons

There were art lessons plus, in free time  knitting. I helped with chess lessons and board games, plus they had games with the older students - running and footy -
the friendships grew. This camp gave the group an insight into each other's lives. This applied to all there. In conversations I had  with students,  staff &  volunteers, all were learning about each other's lives and dreams.  The camp helped with those who wish to go to  these Sydney schools after they finish Primary. There are some pathways for this to happen. The best thing is, it is the opening of the minds of those living on Isolated Stations and in isolated townships as to what is out there for them. I think for the Sydney students it also opens up for them life beyond their suburb. Service in the the small school towns teaches them of the fact that we are all the same - just some have been blessed to live in a culture and environment full of wonder and challenges. The towns folk never knew year 5-6 children are able to drive a truck and tractor.  The last morning was a show of what they had learnt and their great talents.

 The question in the picture above was asked of a few of us. It makes you think and focus on the things God has given, shown and done. The teachers and support staff of the small schools stayed with their children in sheds on sleep mats.  I am grateful for such caring  people, not only living in the outback but caring & sharing moments like this with their students. In a small school you see them grow from kindy to year 6. The relationships are strong both ways, you can see it in the way they interact with each other.
Well, as I find more photos, the last 3 are from Lou's keen eye. Thanks for allowing me to share. Don't forget to check our Facebook page.

Dear friends sorry for your change of post code Pymble was not doing the food it was our Gordon Uniting Church group I very sorry plus I left 2 rural schools out Distant Education and Hermidale  it shows I need a holiday thanks for my BBQ friend for passing on my over sight 


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