Friday, 20 January 2017


The deep stillness of the Holy Spirit ,The Rock and plains

Well I stepped out to Walgett to meet and plan some events.  It was good to be back on the road, catching up with people and preparing for services on Christmas & New Year's day.  My wife, Lyn, brought our youngest grandson, Flynn, up on the train. If now felt like Christmas. Re-telling the story that has been handed down, to keep us on track and telling the Good News anew to those hearing it, maybe for the first time. Flynn got to blow out the candles and help us sing Happy Birthday to Jesus.  I had a great time with Lyn and Flynn . We had a ball - not every poppy has a long hall to test out your remote control car in, plus a play ground.
Heat  has been a bit exciting - every day a bit hotter. 45 is the hottest I have faced on my travels in last 18 days.

45.c  10th.Jan Walgett NSW
 People ask us, as remote workers, how do we drive in all this heat? well driving is ok - it is stopping for comfort stops . Road-side toilets are made of corrugated iron with a breeze gap & they get very hot. A nice air con'd shop for lunch, a drink and a coffee is very welcome, so driving is OK as long as your air con works.  I did have a problem last summer with it blowing hot - this was not ok in any way. Had to wait for new part but well worth the wait.

Next trip was out to Broken Hill to attend a Service of Thanksgiving for the work of Rev Sharon Cutts. It was very uplifting and good to catch up with old friends from "The Hill". I was able to take a quick trip out to Silverton to re connect with the desert - the creeks had been reshaped by the big wet late last year, as seen by the tree photo on right. 
root system dug out by the water shows the power 

I  find walking around in these creeks  life-giving and makes me feel regenerated.  I still hope one day I will be in  the area in the wet to see them flow.  It only lasts a short time as they are nature's drains - moving water across this wide red land . Life for my ministry has been full on for the last few years with the drought and it's affect on people's well-being. We sadly lost one of our  group leaders (not sure what word to use) with Services she was a Client, in church, a Congregation member. For myself, looked at her as a friend on the journey.  RIP.   So rain doth not fix life but for many of our farming communities it does bring renewed hope - seeds have gone in for summer crops. Cotton is coming along,  bumper harvest in much of my area,  lower prices but still some money.  

As I head into a new year, my love for this work has not waned. God's call on my life is still strong and he keeps opening doors on new relationships with people in the rural remote areas of NSW. I appreciate the support from you who take the time to read the writings of Rev Phill and those who transpose it to proper writing  to make it easier for you. Some days they're busy so you get it raw - it gives you a look into my early days when I could not read. Thank you. We (and I mean you and others) and the patrol team, have helped many people in real ways. Relationships have been built across the places where we roam in cars and planes, and you are there with us. I tell out your names and in the name of the one God who sends us, thank you.
Why the Emu?  well I love them. Julie told me I would get over them but I still love to see them and take a shot and I saw heaps this trip.  
I pray each of you find your own deep stillness and peace in this time of unrest and change,  smile when you can,  love - even when it's hard and pray for your mission. Shalom 
Rev Phill 
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the Creek is Stephens Creek Silverton  NSW


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