Thursday, 1 March 2018

The time moves on

Hi all. I have been busy with many things - training in Dubbo, Gunnedah and Tamworth - I love it when a week comes together.   Monday I drove over to Dubbo, I picked the Tamworth people up from airport - the Fly in-Fly out folk love a country gathering.The odd 'Roo on way - quintessential Australia. Add SSSSloow talking Simon. Great time was had by all, about 50 made their way, lots of input and heaps of .............   This is the new way, but will it work? To keep the old,or build on the new ways.

On the road i see great views but also dry and failed crops

What’s changing? The RMU (Rural Ministry Unit) has become RMU 2 -  made up of people with proven vision and a willingness to change in the name of God... Supporting Scattered Communities by connecting in a number of ways. Ruminations will go in the mail or your Email  -  if you're reading this then no more drive to the mail box, more time to pray or cook whatever.
Using Uniting Community Engagement workers to grow new ideas of how to, without blowing the budget or your boiler,  grow into a church that connects its community.
We will be looking  at ways  of connecting Ministers in the City to Congregations.  No, not happy holidays  helping you find ways of doing worship that you all enjoy.  We have heard the pain of many with no respite  - even the Lord took time out .
Everyone spoke, some more than others (you know who you are), feedback was good  and then I ran NENW folk back to airport then drove home with my crew - Me, myself and I. I played up,  too much coffee mat eeting in coffee shop - was good.

Sir Ivan fire 12 months on from this picture is still a struggling Community but they still can have fun 
Gunnedah  I took on the role of team Leader. It was a Mock evacuation - Gunnedah was going under during a "big rain" - we wish. This is part of the training we do as Disaster Recovery Chaplains but wow the Red Cross was made up of Church people! It often gets asked:  "what’s your mission"?  nothing! and they're out in the community helping those in moments of need. Great day .
Then onto Tamworth for "Preaching in Corinthians". For my non-church going followers Corinth is a place mentioned in the bible from a long time ago and a great guy named Paul who hung out with and looked after the people. Anyway,  it stated at 9.30 am and I got there at 4 pm - I had a note from "myself" - he is the best writer of the team.

Back to Narrabri so I could preach on Sunday - what a week.
Not enough rain in storms to fill the dams but the nice cool day was great for sleeping in. Then out came the sun - I do like it warm - but not so hot you can't pick up your sunnies off the dash!

5 years ago I took this great call on I thank NENW RMU and Sydney North for their support in the call God had I be going on thanks again Sydney Central Coast Presbytery as has Rev Simon now or Moderator 

Yes thanks to the Presbytery for their care the Local church putting up with me all those wonderful people I have met  along the roads .Rev. Janet Dawson who puts my head back in the right place , My wife who gives me the freedom to do this and support on those days you don't talk about . To go on is my call and thanks God for another year or more  


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