Friday, 15 July 2016

The Transformation New Beginnings

This is just down from my drought tree I shown I could not get that shot to wet to stop and park
I have been in the office for a few days, finding those things I had not done, read and so on. Sadly I even cleaned the office and got some file storage .  Why you ask, well it rained and rained, yippee! Roads were closed in all parts so it was safer to stay away plus those who could, started planting,  but as you see above, water is still covering lots  of areas - this water runs for about 2 ks down the roadside.

This was May 


The transformation from my drive in May, on way home from a holiday, to these shots now, is widespread, not just this one bit of road outside Cryon. I used this area to photograph as it was  one of the first roads I drove down on my first trip out three and a half years ago. The area has not had crops and has looked the same but now it has got growth, life in hope, of a new beginning.  great start but

The rain washes out or drowns the seed 

The green colour of life is been gone for 3 years or more in some areas  "LOOKS GOOD"
So my work is done, I wish!, what is my focus ? I have met with the Walgett DPI worker and a Rural Financial Councilor  and other service providers, I raised the need to look at holding those networks we have built over last 3 years,but we have lost so many of the service providers as funding ended on 30th June. This has left a gap, if we can  build on what they did , question will it work without the free lunch. I hopping the relationships  grown over this time may give us a way to build a network of locals communities growing there capacity on there own from what they have discovered  by engaging in different workshops. This would mean as time moves on any other event (flood drought fire ) in to the future they will have the network to face these disaster together using their connections with each other and those local service workers . I also look forward to how these relationships continue to grow conversations based on faith and Spirituality  as I share my faith in the every day .We also are finding those who in the start up will need some help as they buy the seed and stock, they will still need to  eat educate  care for their family. Standing by the relationships after the others services have been pulled out  God cares beyond the program time line.  Till next time thanks for your support and your prayers they were answered this trip.


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