Wednesday, 11 April 2018

The long Summer

The change is not here today on the weekend we are told

Been out and about - the heat has come down by about 8 degrees. Mid 30's the norm as I drive round Hermidale, Walgett and Coonamble/Quombone  areas. The mood is getting a bit testy with little to no help from Governments at this time. Low/no  interest loans  are good but the worry is how long will it take, do I meet the criteria. This is 5 years  or more for a lot, some got a break with one good year . Stock and wild life wander seeking a feed .
A mob of cattle looking for a feed 

Roos seek shade at 3 15 pm 

But have they given up? NO! I was given a tour of the Quombone Polo Cross and Picnic Race track as they work to bring them up to standards. Volunteers with a multiple  of life- skills and "just have go" attitude has gained grants and deals and transport to change the site to a place for a great day out . It's like a new Loo!

the winning post viewed from under a shady awning 

Supper room has a mind of its own 
from R to L new Bar rooms storage old bar New Showers and Loos !

Look what happened to the Hall - thanks to a grant  we need to run something
 It so much cooler and the supper room Photos shows this awesome space but Photo will not play ball theses small Communities will punch above their weight with support and resources  not hand outs hands up good on you Quombone,
I travel and meet these people and they face all nature throws at them - some are buying water as well as feed. Dams so low they fence them off to stop stock getting stuck in the mud but a smile and a cuppa  meet you and give them a chance to show off the work no problem , But we need rain, O Lord  we need rain. The Drought has left our state tinder dry. The danger of Fire is high and what would we stop it with?  rivers &  dams are dry or almost empty.I know your praying for the bush  - thank you - can you ask God to allow Sydney to have a few dry weekends and come fill our Mud holes with the rain? Thanks for reading, thanks for your messages of support and mostly your prayers . A Farmer greeted me with "You been Bogged of Late"   told him I trying .
Rev Phill
PS I forgot to do the Small schools small camp  I do it very soon another blessing City and Bush and Bush to the City 


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