Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Signs of Hope

Hi all so sorry for the gap in your blogs, Russell it was great to hear from you and your concern . I been on leave but before that we had to do a lot of work for Synod both before then attend the Synod (which was a great time) . But I hope to get back on track.

Lyn and I flying back home  from Queensland

The road to Winton from Longreach 
Well as I drove back from Longreach Lyn and I saw the drought in Queensland was as dire as the Walgett Lightning Ridge area of NSW.  But as we Left Bourke the Outback Radio was forecasting high rain fall over the weekend. Up beat phone calls came in with high hope's . The rain came BUT not every were plus not in the amount forecast for many but it did fall in some hi need areas which was great news for many. But as the calls came in on Local ABC 54 here 80  there then a call from Walgett 2 mls. no change in last 3 years.

Cotton Bales at the Gin in Warren below too

But yes some have seen hope for the coming season other like Cotton farmers round the area  got a good crop off over March April the bails in paddocks still waiting to go to the Gin (Gin is the place like silos the crop goes too)  .

Other good sign was farmer with big rigs planting or working the ground up spray rigs killing of the weeds . Green pick coming up in paddocks plus along the road side Long paddock so those with stock had it on the road drovers on back Warren road I think it was 3 mobs cattle plus a mob of sheep.

Signs of new life but not for everyone 

I have also done a few events that where booked in it was interesting so much more upbeat but as many say it's not $10 notes but it is a start for some a good start . Water is a very important part of our life to much and we complain not enough we blame


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