Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Sorry I been Gone but still here

The new Logo on my Shirt, I am still the same 
Well, last year after 5 years my position has changed. NOT my good friends at Sydney/central coast Presbytery and NOT New England North West Presbytery who take great care of me over the last 5 years. So What has changed?  We have taken on a new Partner - "Frontier Services"  and I have changed to a "Bush Chaplain " rather than a "Rural Chaplain"  and my patch is called the "Barwon Remote Area" - as seen below in the green area. This is mostly the same places I have been ministering to. 
It is so good having the extra help and support on so many levels,  it has made the change so smooth. The Team in the office at Tamworth City Church have taken so much time to make this program work - backing me up in many ways.  Nicolette handles the "thank you" letters so people can read them.  Gai goes so far at helping make the money flow to those in need,  plus is such good support and Bryan, he makes it A-OK. We now have a team in Parramatta who have made me feel so very welcome -putting on a great meet and greet morning tea with cake and a card when I first visited then again when they met Lyn when we visited in a joint Sydney catchup. I still have great support now it has been a year nearly, they moved to new offices in Parramatta in January of this year from Pitt street. I am still working some things out but having Out Back Links and Groups from the NRMA team out fixings so many different farming motors big and small was so good great guys too.

The Drought has not let up and most of the land is bear.

Well Life has rolled on very fast as I look at the time since I last did a blog but the drought has not changed at a meeting of Farmers and Agri experts in the Pilliga they ran an app that gave us a readout on rainfall it showed that this year's rainfall was the lowest for 150 years so yes it is dry, not sure if that was helpful  information but least confirmed it.
It is hard for these people on the land their history for many is in the land they work stock or crop if you're not producing things who are you? this is a question that many faces as they sell their last few sheep or cows.  Yes, Their still Farmers but for many, they don't feel that.

  The car is the main part of my tool kit this one meets the needs and is a good ride 17,000ks up already the service people were surprised to see me so early they have next service 30,000ks for Feb next year I think October maybe. the new logo is very good but I put old sign's on so folks know it still me I will take them down one day.
Well I hope to do this every month there are lots of things coming up and I hope much is washed out with good soaking rain. And look at my Facebook page for Photo updates and small new bits I have a new program which does grammar and spelling and such things even those ; things see well it misses some Phill bits well life is a grin.
Bye God Bless and please pray for rain
Rev Phill

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

The long Summer

The change is not here today on the weekend we are told

Been out and about - the heat has come down by about 8 degrees. Mid 30's the norm as I drive round Hermidale, Walgett and Coonamble/Quombone  areas. The mood is getting a bit testy with little to no help from Governments at this time. Low/no  interest loans  are good but the worry is how long will it take, do I meet the criteria. This is 5 years  or more for a lot, some got a break with one good year . Stock and wild life wander seeking a feed .
A mob of cattle looking for a feed 

Roos seek shade at 3 15 pm 

But have they given up? NO! I was given a tour of the Quombone Polo Cross and Picnic Race track as they work to bring them up to standards. Volunteers with a multiple  of life- skills and "just have go" attitude has gained grants and deals and transport to change the site to a place for a great day out . It's like a new Loo!

the winning post viewed from under a shady awning 

Supper room has a mind of its own 
from R to L new Bar rooms storage old bar New Showers and Loos !

Look what happened to the Hall - thanks to a grant  we need to run something
 It so much cooler and the supper room Photos shows this awesome space but Photo will not play ball theses small Communities will punch above their weight with support and resources  not hand outs hands up good on you Quombone,
I travel and meet these people and they face all nature throws at them - some are buying water as well as feed. Dams so low they fence them off to stop stock getting stuck in the mud but a smile and a cuppa  meet you and give them a chance to show off the work no problem , But we need rain, O Lord  we need rain. The Drought has left our state tinder dry. The danger of Fire is high and what would we stop it with?  rivers &  dams are dry or almost empty.I know your praying for the bush  - thank you - can you ask God to allow Sydney to have a few dry weekends and come fill our Mud holes with the rain? Thanks for reading, thanks for your messages of support and mostly your prayers . A Farmer greeted me with "You been Bogged of Late"   told him I trying .
Rev Phill
PS I forgot to do the Small schools small camp  I do it very soon another blessing City and Bush and Bush to the City 

Thursday, 1 March 2018

The time moves on

Hi all. I have been busy with many things - training in Dubbo, Gunnedah and Tamworth - I love it when a week comes together.   Monday I drove over to Dubbo, I picked the Tamworth people up from airport - the Fly in-Fly out folk love a country gathering.The odd 'Roo on way - quintessential Australia. Add SSSSloow talking Simon. Great time was had by all, about 50 made their way, lots of input and heaps of .............   This is the new way, but will it work? To keep the old,or build on the new ways.

On the road i see great views but also dry and failed crops

What’s changing? The RMU (Rural Ministry Unit) has become RMU 2 -  made up of people with proven vision and a willingness to change in the name of God... Supporting Scattered Communities by connecting in a number of ways. Ruminations will go in the mail or your Email  -  if you're reading this then no more drive to the mail box, more time to pray or cook whatever.
Using Uniting Community Engagement workers to grow new ideas of how to, without blowing the budget or your boiler,  grow into a church that connects its community.
We will be looking  at ways  of connecting Ministers in the City to Congregations.  No, not happy holidays  helping you find ways of doing worship that you all enjoy.  We have heard the pain of many with no respite  - even the Lord took time out .
Everyone spoke, some more than others (you know who you are), feedback was good  and then I ran NENW folk back to airport then drove home with my crew - Me, myself and I. I played up,  too much coffee mat eeting in coffee shop - was good.

Sir Ivan fire 12 months on from this picture is still a struggling Community but they still can have fun 
Gunnedah  I took on the role of team Leader. It was a Mock evacuation - Gunnedah was going under during a "big rain" - we wish. This is part of the training we do as Disaster Recovery Chaplains but wow the Red Cross was made up of Church people! It often gets asked:  "what’s your mission"?  nothing! and they're out in the community helping those in moments of need. Great day .
Then onto Tamworth for "Preaching in Corinthians". For my non-church going followers Corinth is a place mentioned in the bible from a long time ago and a great guy named Paul who hung out with and looked after the people. Anyway,  it stated at 9.30 am and I got there at 4 pm - I had a note from "myself" - he is the best writer of the team.

Back to Narrabri so I could preach on Sunday - what a week.
Not enough rain in storms to fill the dams but the nice cool day was great for sleeping in. Then out came the sun - I do like it warm - but not so hot you can't pick up your sunnies off the dash!

5 years ago I took this great call on I thank NENW RMU and Sydney North for their support in the call God had I be going on thanks again Sydney Central Coast Presbytery as has Rev Simon now or Moderator 

Yes thanks to the Presbytery for their care the Local church putting up with me all those wonderful people I have met  along the roads .Rev. Janet Dawson who puts my head back in the right place , My wife who gives me the freedom to do this and support on those days you don't talk about . To go on is my call and thanks God for another year or more  

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Christmas time again

 The year that was  - 2017 - a year of mixed results
The First trip out was to Broken Hill - can you see for ever  ?
I was home for a little time when the call came - there was a fire - can you report to The Recovery Centre?  First at Coonabarrabran, then Coolah for a week. I stayed - great team to work with. Below: the storm and the team from Community service.

Farm Visit: great drive ways - always ring ahead 
Then I was in Nyngan, Hermidale visiting and getting around

Back in Nyngan for the Smalls schools Big Camp at the show ground - Monday to Friday. Schools: Bourke district - we had Wanaaring, Engonia, Girilambone, Quambone, Marra Creek Hermidale  & Carinda Public schools and distant Education - 110 children. We also had students from Knox Grammar,  PLC and Ravenswood, plus Next Gen UME star - sadly his GPS took him to Bourke St :(
Could this be rain? 
The RMU Field days -  some came for the first day & stayed for the lot. Good work to those who set it up. It was the end of a great run by Bronwyn Murphy as she passed over the baton to Rev Mark Faulkner -  right - giving his keynote address at the dinner. Powerful words to take us forward. RMU has become part of "Salt Bush" - scattered Communities,  new name, new Vision - forward into the future.

Then down the river with a great bunch of people from across the state - yes even the Moderator -  who is a great supporter of this project .
I finished this trip in Shepperton Vic  and drove to Tamworth for the first of my 3 eye operations. I know I am healing as I can read and write with my $30 readers -they are working well - sorry they have no spell check glasses yet . But I just remembered I did not do a Blog on the Lower MDB tour  - sorry guys but I will get to it. The last 3 months have been humbling - relying on others  for lifts and other care and so much prayer.  I have done much from home and over the phone plus attended some great events -  if you follow my Facebook page you will see lots of Photos.
I once was blind but now I see. So much more to do but 2017 made me take rest like never before  but I found it was needed in allowing others to help, I found new life and God's Love in  the staff of the doctor's rooms and all around me, friends and family. 
Looking forward to new sights to see as God opens his Kingdom  through the lens of my Camera.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Healing with words and being together

 The team of that put the nigh together pink Uniting Purple NALAG  Green Me +Nat the boss not  

The night was a good time in the planing  dates flew in and out then we got one I was free they where free so lets do it. The flyers were sent out to  area and some places in the area .  Then we set up food and table even made a sacred place from 3 trampolines,we covered it in green leaves and a cloth with leave painted on  it. Next the gap before the people arrive . But come they did, it not like other gathering it's different but we soon Seattle in   ,like old friends .

 We put names of loved ones and  requests for a good season next year  and then after a slow start  the right person went first and all followed NLAG centre for Loss & Grief Leader Trudy and others joined in the services  I had 2 prayers it was a moment of change from Chaplain to Minister and they all said it was good. 
A few of those who came young and old It was said in the over the meal it's good to have you guys here  plus Rev Phill as a Minister it is different to just talking up the Paddock come and do it again' and so on . The fact we as a group  we came back  and I as individual  (have kept coming) they felt cared for in a real way the NLAG ,Uniting and Uniting Church  showed we care for people in pain (this area over the last 4 years have been in drought , had a triple murder in the Community and lost a great leader to Suicide and a number of key people die from Cancer and other things CWA lost a lot of great cooks) so they needed our prayers and love. I drove from Nyngan to Armidale to preach at my former partner in crime now neighbor Induction service in a wonderful old church . as I was bit worn down I then went had my last Cataract operation as the weeks go by I can know read better as my eyes sort themselves out I am using some make do glasses for read but I drive now with no glasses   other than my old clip over "sunies" aim is for some cool ray bands   (has it help spelling and punkuation) No God bless
Gala's getting the last rays of the Sun 

but I can see the colour of Gods creation  Amen 

Thursday, 26 October 2017

time is moving forward but the view is the same

As I drove past the tree I stop the heat of the Sun dry ground again we wait for rain  

The dry time has moved back in the toil of feeding and finding feed paying for feed  hangs over us again . Just a dry spell No drought the government says!
 Lord we ask  for strong minds and hi spirits in their hearts and rain in the cage/   
The old tree still try's  ( I aged it with the colour)
Back on the road again Love the Big  Sky 
promise in the sky 
Standing in the rain 
And the Storm begins the dance   

The Salt Bush fight's on the grass has gone

Hi all I hope you been following the Face  book page I am very close to the end I hope of this journey of changing eyes . Those who don't follow face book I had 2 eye operations ,steming for an eye injurey that fixed they had to take  my catarcks  thatwere forming old age. So no reading glasses this adds to not reading well spelling and gramer less life I have lead made doing this very hard but my eyes doing ok with help of view turned up.  I still am able to drive and getting around the state.  13th.November is my day I am looking forward to it thanks again for prays I am so blessed with the resullts so farandgood Doctors in Tamworth and Newcastle .
if you havent or dont like Face book let me know and I try to copy them over to the Blog 
FB is call Rural Chaplains Face Book page  stay safe prayfor the farmers Govermnet support is low and the dry spell is not been seen as a drought and many are strugeling  
Shalom Rev Phill

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Thank you for your Prayers

Looking from Little Bay across the Bay at Sunset .
What this it me healing spot  as the sun set and the wave slowly rolled over the sand, the smell of salty air filled my lungs the view was not this clear but my camera caught it and its beauty .  I just pointed and pressed the button  looking to the light . The last month I have been seeking treatment to my left eye the operation  took place in Newcastle  2 weeks ago I haven't driven a car since then I healing but still a bit swollen.   I have struggled with my grounding  Guilt and Borden  lots of support saying give it time, be patient, behave  easy for them . when you don't look sick or broken .  But I know there right so I am putting down this blog with my $24 reading glasses font pump up.  It is going good the Doctor prayed with me the church and many more prayed so I am going forward.
 I walking am lot  as I can't drive I walk to the shops get a few things and the mail and then walk home always a conversation along the way. I have to ask people for help as Doctors in Tamworth long walk no buses  you get to know people more on a road trip , I start to see more ask what the story with that ?.

Boats at rest
I still talking to those out west praying for them as they set themselves up for dry times again feeding and selling off a few more of their assets: Stock land etc. storing up for the times ahead for many rain to late till spring  when it warms up. The hard part is the spike  the flush time then wham! back out hand feeding , " I never thought I be doing this again so soon"   this is a hard blow for many, I ask for your prayers for them in the areas of NSW with little or no rain or coming through the bush Fires floods .  You see the pain does not always show green pick  tall dead grass  the boats at rest move with the tide and dance on the waves but the currants pull and strain below the surface if the their ropes get weakened deep below you don't see it  till it lets go. Pray for the wife's who stand beside their families working out the next weeks food which bill to pay and which can wait , For the husbands to remember to talk to their mates and their family  pray for the children too young to understand and the ones who wish they could do more.   Thank you for your prayers  they do so much

The new moon climbs through the night sky
As the new Moon  climbs up into the night sky reminds us, God's light shines on our journey even in the darkest times brighter than the streetlights .
shalom  Rev Phill


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