Thursday, 7 December 2017

Healing with words and being together

 The team of that put the nigh together pink Uniting Purple NALAG  Green Me +Nat the boss not  

The night was a good time in the planing  dates flew in and out then we got one I was free they where free so lets do it. The flyers were sent out to  area and some places in the area .  Then we set up food and table even made a sacred place from 3 trampolines,we covered it in green leaves and a cloth with leave painted on  it. Next the gap before the people arrive . But come they did, it not like other gathering it's different but we soon Seattle in   ,like old friends .

 We put names of loved ones and  requests for a good season next year  and then after a slow start  the right person went first and all followed NLAG centre for Loss & Grief Leader Trudy and others joined in the services  I had 2 prayers it was a moment of change from Chaplain to Minister and they all said it was good. 
A few of those who came young and old It was said in the over the meal it's good to have you guys here  plus Rev Phill as a Minister it is different to just talking up the Paddock come and do it again' and so on . The fact we as a group  we came back  and I as individual  (have kept coming) they felt cared for in a real way the NLAG ,Uniting and Uniting Church  showed we care for people in pain (this area over the last 4 years have been in drought , had a triple murder in the Community and lost a great leader to Suicide and a number of key people die from Cancer and other things CWA lost a lot of great cooks) so they needed our prayers and love. I drove from Nyngan to Armidale to preach at my former partner in crime now neighbor Induction service in a wonderful old church . as I was bit worn down I then went had my last Cataract operation as the weeks go by I can know read better as my eyes sort themselves out I am using some make do glasses for read but I drive now with no glasses   other than my old clip over "sunies" aim is for some cool ray bands   (has it help spelling and punkuation) No God bless
Gala's getting the last rays of the Sun 

but I can see the colour of Gods creation  Amen 


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