Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Sorry I been Gone but still here

The new Logo on my Shirt, I am still the same 
Well, last year after 5 years my position has changed. NOT my good friends at Sydney/central coast Presbytery and NOT New England North West Presbytery who take great care of me over the last 5 years. So What has changed?  We have taken on a new Partner - "Frontier Services"  and I have changed to a "Bush Chaplain " rather than a "Rural Chaplain"  and my patch is called the "Barwon Remote Area" - as seen below in the green area. This is mostly the same places I have been ministering to. 
It is so good having the extra help and support on so many levels,  it has made the change so smooth. The Team in the office at Tamworth City Church have taken so much time to make this program work - backing me up in many ways.  Nicolette handles the "thank you" letters so people can read them.  Gai goes so far at helping make the money flow to those in need,  plus is such good support and Bryan, he makes it A-OK. We now have a team in Parramatta who have made me feel so very welcome -putting on a great meet and greet morning tea with cake and a card when I first visited then again when they met Lyn when we visited in a joint Sydney catchup. I still have great support now it has been a year nearly, they moved to new offices in Parramatta in January of this year from Pitt street. I am still working some things out but having Out Back Links and Groups from the NRMA team out fixings so many different farming motors big and small was so good great guys too.

The Drought has not let up and most of the land is bear.

Well Life has rolled on very fast as I look at the time since I last did a blog but the drought has not changed at a meeting of Farmers and Agri experts in the Pilliga they ran an app that gave us a readout on rainfall it showed that this year's rainfall was the lowest for 150 years so yes it is dry, not sure if that was helpful  information but least confirmed it.
It is hard for these people on the land their history for many is in the land they work stock or crop if you're not producing things who are you? this is a question that many faces as they sell their last few sheep or cows.  Yes, Their still Farmers but for many, they don't feel that.

  The car is the main part of my tool kit this one meets the needs and is a good ride 17,000ks up already the service people were surprised to see me so early they have next service 30,000ks for Feb next year I think October maybe. the new logo is very good but I put old sign's on so folks know it still me I will take them down one day.
Well I hope to do this every month there are lots of things coming up and I hope much is washed out with good soaking rain. And look at my Facebook page for Photo updates and small new bits I have a new program which does grammar and spelling and such things even those ; things see well it misses some Phill bits well life is a grin.
Bye God Bless and please pray for rain
Rev Phill

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